Millefiori Via Brera scented candles
Millefiori's new "Via Brera" series not only provides a sensual fragrance, but also creates a romantic, cosy ambience.
29.90 CHF 29.9 CHF
Scented Candle
Scented candles in three scents.
Burning time 26 to 28 hours. Net weight 250g.
86.00 CHF 86.0 CHF
Millefiori New Zona scented candles
To the popular "New Zona" series there are now also the aesthetic scented candles in glass with chrome detail.
34.90 CHF 34.9 CHF
Millefiori Natural Duftkerzen
A colorful range of fragrances, perfect for adding a personal touch to your home.
24.90 CHF 24.9 CHF
Walnut Candle Jar
Handmade solid walnut candle holder with engraved logo on the lid. Handmade in Germany. The perfectly matching scented candles are available separately. Note: Please extinguish each candle before putting on the wooden lid.
89.95 CHF 89.95 CHF