New on offer: Eiderdown and Goose Down bedding

Down BeddingSwiss Quality


Down products have a natural breathability. Simply shake your pillow or duvet every time before going to bed.


Especially the eiderdown is not to be surpassed in lightness. Some say they don't even notice that there is a duvet.


You can easily adjust the filling volume of the pillows yourself and our duvets are available in various thiknesses.

What fits better to the exquisite Italian quality of our bed linen? Swiss quality downware, of course. New in our range you will find a large selection of down duvets and pillows in the typical Swiss dimensions and even in the 240x240cm oversize.

We also offer the most luxurious down of all - the eiderdown. This raw material is collected by hand from the (abandoned) nests of the eider duck. These down are of brownish colour, have a higher volume and lower weight than duck down. Since all our eiderdown products are only made to order, you can also order special sizes from us. The production usually takes 10 days. You are not sure? Give us a call and we will be happy to name you a shop where you can check the quality and appearance of our eiderdown duvet.

Do you have a duvet for the summer?

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Discover our summer duvets now. Delivery for them is free, by the way.