Variabel befüllbare, waschbare Daunenkissen von Alven

Variable fill, washable down pillows from Alven

Did you know that almost every second person in Switzerland regularly complains about neck pain*? People have been suffering from back problems, some of them chronic, and not just since the pandemic and the resulting rampant back problems caused by unergonomic home office workplaces.

The good news: Many back problems can be managed again, be it through exercise, stretching exercises (e.g. from Liebscher and Bracht) or through small improvements in everyday life. And this is where our customizable special pillow comes into play:

Our variably fillable pillows combine the soft, cuddly comfort of down with the support of high-quality polyester balls. The outer chamber with the down is separated from the inner chamber with the polyester balls and can be washed at 60%. This ensures hygienic cleanliness and freshness whenever you want it.

Back sleepers will use a little more polyester balls to make the pillow flatter, while side sleepers will prefer the volume to be larger. Of course, you can also add pine shavings, lavender or chamomile flowers to create an individual scent experience (available in health food stores).

Try it out and get fit with the individually fillable Alven pillows in various sizes. If you would like a special format or a custom-made product such as neck rolls, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help.

By the way: We also offer the perfect mattress for your back. Get free advice.

* Source: Back Report Rheumaliga Switzerland, July 2020

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