Neu im Angebot: Millefiori Düfte

New on offer: Millefiori fragrances

Mood enhancer from the south

Millefiori is a well-known Italian brand with a long tradition in producing high-quality home fragrances. Anyone who has a nose for it will immediately notice the difference to conventional fragrance products, such as those from large furniture stores. With Millefiori, vanilla never seems dull and omnipresent, but always elegant and subtle. Sandalwood never appears intrusive, but creates perfect harmony in combination with other scents.

And since Millefiori scents like our ALVEN bed linen are made in the Bergamo region, in our opinion the scented candles, diffusers and sachets fit perfectly into the ALVEN range. And what is your favorite scent?

Many ideas, scents and shapes for impressive products that make it possible to fill your world with scent and decor in harmony with the atmosphere of your living spaces and your own personality. An essential detail, a stylish accessory, a cultivated ambience.

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