Konfektion in Handarbeit

Made by hand

How is ALVEN bed linen made?

At ALVEN we not only want to offer the best bed linen in Switzerland, but also with a clear conscience when it comes to production and environmental protection. So that our bed linen has to travel as few kilometers as possible, it is made just 90km away from the weaving mill. With the truck, our fabrics travel just over an hour from the place where they were woven to the place where they are cut and sewn into our amazing bed linen.

A lot of work steps are necessary for the finished product.

Months before assembly, we designed and had the special ALVEN textile labels produced. Each fabric is cared for differently, which is why different labels are used for our linen line (coming soon) than for the cotton collection.

By the way, we sew loops into all of our duvet covers. We will explain why this is the case and what you can use these practical little helpers for in a separate blog post.

Finally, the parts are ironed, folded, stabilized with cardboard and packed in plastic sleeves. Before they are sent to our warehouse in Switzerland, all packages receive a GTIN barcode - this ensures that, from production to sale, we always know which size from which batch we currently have in our hands.

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