Kennen Sie Eiderdaunen?

Do you know eiderdown?

The lightest down in the world.

From cold Iceland

Eider down - some people don't care, others have already heard about the luxurious, ultra-light down of the eider duck and the luckiest people have already fulfilled their dream of an eider down duvet and/or pillow. But what makes eiderdown so special?

The eider duck, a species that is unfortunately threatened with extinction, mainly inhabits the coasts of Northern Europe. While the female has brown and black patterns and is therefore well camouflaged, the male stands out with his black and white plumage.

A natural product like no other

Due to the arctic cold, from which these ducks have to protect their brood, they develop particularly fine and dense chest down. During the breeding season, which lasts up to four weeks, the female builds a nest for her clutch of eggs using her own down. After the duck family returns to the sea, the nests with the down remain abandoned. The down is collected there by hand, cleaned and processed into the finest of all duvets and pillows.

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A dream...

...that you can fulfill. Alven produces eiderdown duvets framed in jacquard silk to the highest quality standards. The incredibly light duvets are the perfect complement to the wonderfully light and delicate Alven bed linen. You will hardly notice that you are lying under a blanket, but you will stay comfortably warm even on very cold nights.

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